Saturday, April 16, 2011

Top pop music artist for December 7, 2010 !

Enrique Iglesias
The top music artist for December 7, 2010 is Enrique Iglesias Featuring Ludacris and DJ Frank E. with "Tonight (I'm lovin' You). It only took one month for this song to become a hit and in the top ten. Enrique Iglesias helped write this song, he wanted a song that you could dance to in a club, while also having the meaning within the lyrics too.

DJ Frankie E.

He wanted the lyrics to mean something, which they do the lyrics tell the “her” everything that’s on “his” mind about her.

I know you want me
I made it obvious that I want you too
So put it on me
Let's remove the space between me and you

Enrique Iglesias added his Latin beat with the rap of Ludacris and the upbeat sound of DJ Frank E.


  1. I remember his song 'Hero' from back in the day.

  2. I don't remember if I've heard this song before, but I like the combination of different musical genres.